An offering with an
international focus

A unique offering

Located conveniently at the junction of
three international borders (DE, FR, CH)
50 hectares available
120 hectares total
Average investment of €50 million
1,000 direct jobs
and 3,000 indirect jobs
500 new hires
since 2007
Longstanding management of
classified and SEVESO sites

A unique offering

The Chalampé industrial platform was designed both to grow and to welcome new economic players. Chalampé benefits from support by the French public authorities. The platform is organized effectively to meet its goals by sharing numerous resources, including equipment, utilities, services and expertise, and even raw materials and processes.

The chalampé platform leverages 60 years of industrial history. It already accommodates four plants that belong to major global corporations: Air Products, Butachimie, Linde, and Solvay.

This platform is now now a world leader in its category and continues to expand its expertise in many areas. Its excellence today integrates the know-how of men and women who; generation after generation, have consistently held their professions to the highest standards.

Investor solutions

Multimodal transportation

  • Railway and motorway networks
  • Rhine port


  • Control of costs and energy consumption.
  • Pooled services and expertise.
  • Reliable and cost-effective energy and utilities.

Raw materials

  • Chemical intermediates and polyamides.
  • Access to a substantial underground water reserve.

Mobility and travel

  • Quick access to highways French, German and Swiss.
  • Lyon-Paris TGV
  • Basel-Mulhouse Airport.
  • ICE (Intercity-Express) in Germany

Investor solutions

The Chalampé industrial platform offers direct international access, thanks to its unique location in the heart of Western Europe.

Its multimodal transportation network, along with its energy and utility capacities, offer numerous advantages.

Your needs Our solutions
IMPORTING AND EXPORTING MY GOODS FROM THE PLATFORM ? French and German railway networks connected to the platform. Rhine port authority: direct access to the Grand Canal d’Alsace, directly linked to many German, Swiss, and Dutch platforms. French, German, and Swiss motorway networks.
GETTING AROUND QUICKLY, INTERNATIONALLY ? Lyon-Paris TGV, ICE (Intercity-Express) in Germany, Basel-Mulhouse Airport.
ACCESS TO A POWERFUL ENERGY SOURCE ? Two 225 kV power lines dedicated to the platform.
CONTROLLING MY COSTS AND ENERGY CONSUMPTION Pooled services and expertise, representing considerable experience.
PRIVILEGED ACCESS TO NATURAL GAS ? Natural gas supply directly connected to the platform.
AVAILABILITY VARIOUS OTHER UTILITIES ? Reliable and cost-effective energy and utilities (HV-LV electricity, HP-MP-LP stream, nitrogen, compressed air, hydrogen, natural gas, water).
ACCESS TO WHAT TYPES OF RAW MATERIALS ? Chemical intermediates (nitric acid, ammonia, etc) and polyamides (HMD, cyclohexanol/-one, adipic acid, etc). Access to a substantial underground water reserve.

Expertise to be shared


  • Risk prevention, control, and handling related to SEVESO classification
  • On-site fireman open 24/7
  • Video surveillance system, security guards present 24/24

Environment, energy

  • Controlling waste and energy efficiency
  • Analysis laboratory


  • Dedicated occupational physician
  • On-site infirmary open 24/7


  • Maintenance expertise
  • Expertise in industrial computing
  • Instrumentation and advanced control

Expertise to be shared

The Chalampé industrial platform is the largest European site dedicated to nylon chemistry (Polyamide 6.6).

The platform has developed expertise in many areas in addition to its core activity.

SAFETY OF PEOPLE AND PROCESSES Risk prevention, control, and handling related to SEVESO classification.
  • 5 teams of professional fire-fighters present at the site 24/7.
  • Over 130 auxiliary fire-fighters on-site.
  • An internal and external organizational safety plan.
A proactive environmental approach : controlling waste and energy efficiency.
HEALTH AT WORKPLACE A dedicated occupational physician, on-site open 24/7.
OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE Expertise in continuous improvement processes.
ADMINISTRATION Administrative services, other services.
LOGISTICS Logistics and multimodal transport expertise.
QUALITY Support and expertise in certification procedures and standards management (ISO 9001, 14001, 50001…).
MAINTENANCE Maintenance expertise : methods, mechanics; boiler work, rotating machines, etc.
INSTRUMENTATION Expertise in industrial computing, instrumentation, and advanced control.
INSPECTION DREAL-certified inspection service for classified facilities.
ON-SITE FOOD SERVICES High energy efficiency building for comfort, modern equipment for quality meals.

Your support

The Chalampé industrial platform gives you access to a team of dedicated experts whose primary task is to provide you with advice and support. The public authorities supporting our development, notably the Alsace Region and Prefecture, provide a one-stop service window for administrative procedures at the Haut-Rhin prefecture.

Initial contact with the platform

Answers to all your requests for information .

Resources to evaluate the benefits of setting up operations with the platform.

Definition of the service offering

Assistance to describe your requirements.

Innovative, high-performance solutions.

Making your set-up easier

A single point-of-contact to simplify your administrative procedures .

Support for getting set up within the platform .

Support available for your operations

Sharing experience.

Continuous improvement of your processes.


Participation of the Platform in the trade show ILMAC of Basel in September, 2016

From 20 till 23 September 2016, took place ILMAC trade show in Basel. This trade show has been Switzerland's only specialist fair for process and laboratory technology since 1959. So it was very important for WEurope industrial platform to be present at this event to present our solutions and expertise.

  • « As Mayor of Chalampé and Regional Councillor , I am particularly attentive to the site news. His evolution as an eligible industrial park to receive other activities is an opportunity for employment. New companies wishing to foothold in Chalampé industrial park WEurope know they can count on the elected representatives to facilitate their approach ».
    Martine Laemlin , Mayor and Regional Councillor
  • « Chalampe illustrates the ability of industry to innovate »
    "The tour that we have just done (...) allowed us to see a control room abuzz with activity, highly innovative facilities (...). And we were able to see how Solvay was aware of safety its employees and its facilities, this site classified Seveso. We were able to talk quickly to some of the 1,000 employees of this company. We know their professionalism and taste for work well done, their pride in working for a jewel European industry (...) We could see, finally, how Solvay prepares today the industry of tomorrow, taking advantage of all the possibilities of digital - this digital revolution (...) to simulate all scenarios for train employees, optimize processes and maintenance. Chalampé illustrates the industry's ability to innovate».
    Manuel Valls, the French Prime Minister. Extract of his speech during the visit of the Solvay Chalampé site in February 2016.
  • « Here, the 4.0 industry is a reality »
    "...Here the 4.0 industry is a reality that took shape in 2011 and which continues today through investment, innovation , a complete overhaul of the process and , above all , a new industrial intelligence. Make no mistake, here on the chemical platform of Chalampé is a new economic model that is being born . A model where the pooling of equipment and utilities , raw materials and energy can save all businesses on the site dots competitiveness…»
    Philippe Richert, president of the Regional Council of Alsace- Lorraine - Champagne -Ardenne and president of the Association of Regions of France . Extract of his speech during the visit of the Solvay Chalampé site in February 2015.


The Chalampé industrial platform offers several PDF documents to obtain more detailed information about our products and services.

Plaquette WEurope

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WEurope Booklet

Discover in detail all that Chalampé platform can bring to your business.

WEurope Broschüre

Entdecken Sie im Detail alles, was Chalampé Plattform für Ihr Unternehmen bringen kann.

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